Miniature bottles
Oriental vase
Apothecary jar
Glass flask
Slip-trailed plate
Soapstone inkwell
Figure group
Glass bowl
Armorial plate
Core-formed vessel
Derby inkwell
Persian ewer
Cloissone quail
Glass humpen
Enamel box
Figure group
Miniature bottles
Ceremonial plate
Maiolica drug jar
Plaster stand
Creamware teacup
Chinese panel
Glass bottle
Parian figure
Porcelain plate
Alan Goldfarb goblet
Pickle dish
Mosaic glass bowl
Roman, soda-lime glass, fragmentary with large missing area in neck and rim
Object during treatment: detail of resin fill
Object after treatment: resin fill retouched in acrylic to blend with surrounding area
Fragmentary soda-lime glass bottle, Roman
Object after bonding